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TIPS - Fill that PERFECT `Victoria Sponge` With Loads of Jam and Butter cream and NO MESS !

Step One

So your cake has cooled, its risen beautifully the next step is to level your cake and give it plenty of filling. Now its time to turn it into the ABOVE IMAGE !

1 - Using your Leveller I set mine to 4 and a 1/2 cm, cut each Just place one cake onto your work surface and use the leveller a bit like a saw, move it in a forwards and backwards motion whilst pushing it against the sides of the cake. It will slowly cut through the cake and you will have a perfectly round Sponge exactly Four and Half cm Deep.

2 – I like to use a Cake Board for the next part, as we will be placing the cake in the fridge just so our buttercream can set. Using some Greaseproof paper this time as we are not baking draw a template to the size of the cake board your using, cut it out and place this on top of the cake board (this will prevent your cake from being able to stick to the cake board because at some point we are going to be taking the whole cake off and adding it to a Decorated Cake Drum! Now put one of your cakes into the middle of the Covered cake board with the area you have chopped off facing up.

3 – Fill a piping bag with plenty of buttercream and cut the end of the bag off. Then hold the piping bag firmly in both hands and squeeze from the top and go around the outside edge of the cake to create a buttercream ring (this will help stop your cake oozing any jam). Add the jam of your choice to the centre or if you are just having a buttercream filling continue to pipe in the buttercream.

4 - Once the jam has been added using your piping bag pipe more buttercream on to the top of the area of jam until you reach the centre and use a knife to then level it all out.

5 - Finally add the other cake this time with the cut top facing down.

6 – Cover with cling film and leave in the fridge until the buttercream is firm to the touch, Finally Cover the Whole Cake in Buttercream, Let it set for a while in the fridge and Cover in Sugarpaste !

By leaving the cake to set and taking your time you will avoid the cake bulging at the sides !

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