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I am currently focusing my time on creating NEW FREE Tutorial Content ....

Orders will be taken in the near future

Privacy Policy

In regards to adverts and data you can object to this by managing your options below. Look for a link at the bottom of this page below our privacy policy where you can withdraw consent. 

Cake Orders Privacy Policy

All Names and Email addresses received, Will only be kept if an order takes place. ( otherwise they are deleted).

When an order goes ahead  all  information is kept confidential and Secure and will not be passed on to any 3rd parties or used for personal marketing campaigns in order to comply with the New GDPR Regulations !

Once an order is completed if you want both your name and email deleting from my paperwork which is kept in order to complete my Tax Returns, contact me and this will be destroyed ( the rest of the information that`s not personal data e.g Payment amount/Date Paid/Cake details will be kept for my book keeping)

Please NOTE all Visits to the Website can be Traced via your IP Address Giving location and Internet/Phone Provided Information

Take Care and Warmest Wishes Rachel`s Enchanting Cakes

Incorrect emails will BOUNCE and you will not receive an Automated Reply. Please check you have filled in the form correctly and also check your `Junk` Mail folder.

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