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What are Your Cake Prices ?

All Cakes Vary in Price, The longer a Cake takes to Make in Regards to

Decoration, the more it will cost. Once i have a rough idea of what your

after i am then able to get a good estimate of the time it will take to

complete. The Type and Size of cake will also add to the price as more

Ingredients are used aswell as different types of ingredients some more

expensive than others so for example my Brandy-licious fruit cakes cost

more than your average Victoria Sponge. I also use Melted Belguim

Chocolate rather than Cocoa Powder in my Chocolate Cakes so they also cost

a little more.


How Do I know Your a Registered Food Business ?

If you follow this link it will direct you to the councils Hygiene Ratings Site 

The Business has recently moved from Sheffield to Chesterfield. I am now Registered and also have been inspected by Derbyshire Council. This was on the 6th of April 2018 and you can see this by clicking on the link.


Where Are You Based ?

Chesterfield , Derbyshire

Do You Offer Delivery ?

I currently Only offer Delivery on Wedding Cakes, All Normal Celebration Cakes even Tiered Cakes are `Pick Up Only`. Depending on where the Venue is if you order a Wedding Cake for example will depend on how far away the Venue is. Currently Sheffield and Rotherham Areas are Free Delivery.

Do you Make, Nut Free, Dairy Free Cakes Ect Ect ?

The simple answer is NO, it gets to risky, as a Small Homes Based Business and due to not having a Nut allergy or Dairy Intolerance, these foods are eaten on the premises. So even though all the tools are cleaned and very Hygienic there is always the smallest risk of `Cross Contamination` So i always suggest to those who ask for such cakes, to try a Larger Brand who can guarantee they are `Nut Free`.

If I Order Do i need to pay a Deposit and How ?

I have a 7 Day Policy, So if you choose to go ahead with your cake order i keep your details and hold the date for 7 days. In this time you pay the deposit via a Cheque made payable to the Business Name or Bank Transfer.

On receipt of your deposit you will receive a very detailed invoice via Email or Post if preferred

Are the Deposits Refundable if i Change my Mind ?

All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE this is to simply prevent `Time Wasters` the only time a deposit would ever be refunded is if i was incapable of doing the cake due to an accident for example if i was unable to use my arm.



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