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When I was just a Hobby Baker ! 2013

I may have a large following now and a successful business but it hasn't always been that way. To get where I am now I have been through a hell of a lot ! And I mean HELL !

I want those who may be having a hard time or really struggling to take encouragement and positively from this article.

When this was published Rachel's Enchanting Cakes did not exist !
Everything people see now has only been possible through sheer Determination and Hard Work !
I find being kind helps , admiring people rather than being envious is also a much more positive and healthy approach, were all human and all started somewhere !



The above cake was featured in Cake Decoration Heaven back in 2016 as a Step by Step tutorial


This more in depth article that was featured in Take A Break, Explains more about how Severe Epilepsy has effected my life !


However it also shows that no matter what the obstacles are that we need to over come, with enough support, help and determination we can do anything we put our minds to !

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In January of this year (2019) I was so so so lucky to be featured in the Cake Masters Magazine !

I never thought i would be in with a chance however i still tried and this is my point !

Never stop trying, you never know where your dreams and determination will end up taking you !

Just focus on what you can control , enjoy what comes your way and grasp every opportunity !

" Dreams Really Do Come True xx "