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Mini Minion Modelling Tutorial

Roll out a small Piece of Yellow Fondant into a thin egg shape

Roll out a very thin piece of blue fondant, and place your yellow egg shaped fondant made in step one, up right in the centre, this will be used as a guide

Trim the blue fondant into a rectangle like in the picture shown Below

Using a little `cooled down boiling water` gently stick the blue fondant to the egg shape.

Now cut and trim the corners of two thinly rolled out rectangle pieces of blue fondant

Working Very gently again, stick these to the sides, taking your time and trimming off any excess fondant.

Roll out a long thin sausage shape in the blue fondant as pictured below

Cut the sausage shape in half and stick to the sides as straps for the trousers

Roll out two sausage shapes in some yellow fondant that are exactly the same length

Stick the arms gently to the sides just under the trouser straps

Now cut out 4 Small circles, and roll two very thin balls all in black fondant

Gently glue two of the circles to the head as goggles, two to the base for feet and finally those tiny balls are for the ends of the trouser straps

Roll out a thin sausage shape using the black fondant, cut two smaller circles in white fondant, and I will also be using this edible click and twist black metallic paint pen

Add the white circles for eyes, the sausage shaped thin fondant for the strap of the goggles and using the edible paint, paint on not only the eyeballs but also over the black fondant

Roll out three very thin sausage shape black fondant and make a small piece of red fondant into the shape of a tongue

Using the sugar craft tool pictured above, create three holes in the head to stick in those black sausage shapes and finally stick on the tongue

FINISHED RESULT - Now you can all go and have fun making your own little minions

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