Let me Introduce you to 'Sully' who has just entered `Monsters International` with his `Fly High` Cake in the Guardian Angels Category  !

Initially i just wanted the challenge of creating such a large cake, the largest i have ever made but it became more than that. This is dedicated to Three AMAZING people who have sadly passed away  in the last 12 months, Phil, Sandra and my dear Imogen Rose xx.

ENTERED into The Largest Cake Competition in the WORLD !

With over 1900 Entries the most they have ever had.

The upside down drip effect represents `life being turned upside down`

parts of the drips are broken, to represent feeling broken when you loose someone you care for, finally the wings to represent life and flying high above watching down on those you have left behind

This cake represents so much more than an award , its a celebration of life xxxx

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Sully (8).JPG
Sully (4).JPG
Sully (2).JPG
Sully (5).JPG
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Sully (7).JPG
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